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Episode 26 – Conversations with Michael Tranmer – Coach, Engineer, Speaker and Author

On this episode, Nicole and Ali interview Michael Tranmer, Coach, Speaker, Engineer and Author who is based out of Vancouver, BC.  Michael opens up about his transformational story that put him on a path of self discovery and clarity.  Michael even wrote a book about his journey called, ‘Satori Ananda – Awaken to Happiness’ releasing this June.  Michael offers real, practical advice on getting unstuck, as well as moving through our fear! Also, he offers recommendations for inspirational reading such as:

‘The Untethered Soul’ by Michael Singer

‘The Four Agreements’ by don Miguel Ruiz

Material by Dr. Joe Dispenza  – website found here

For relationships, John Gray’s ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”

And for men in particular, Dr. David Deida, ‘The Way of the Superior Man.’  

Join us for an honest, vulnerable, raw and inspiring conversation. You won’t be disappointed! May Michael inspire you to live your best life.   You can follow Michael Tranmer on Instagram @michael.tranmer or find Michael on his website to learn about his coaching. 

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The MDCP ladies will be reading this one for sure!

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