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Conversations with Entrepreneur and Podcaster Quynh Nguyen, Founder of Pink & Posey

Today we chat with Quynh Nguyen, the founder of Pink & Posey where she makes paper flowers “that are as realistic – or vibrant – as your dreams.” She is a “wife to a drone nerd, mom to a doodle furbaby, a chef and an artist at heart”. She is the Founder of The Paper Florist Facebook Group and The Posey Box and cohost of the Paper Talk Podcast. She is also a founding member of the Paper Florists Collective.

Quynh is a power house. We learn how she accidentally fell into this career. She is an entrepreneur, an educator, a podcaster and an artist. She shares her wisdom on important aspects of owning your own business as well as great advice for how to handle your business doing this time of Covid 19. Plus, she shares how having mentors and relationships can advance your business and goals.

You can find her website at and follow her on Instagram @pinkandposey

We loved talking with Quynh and hope you enjoy this very special episode!


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