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Conversations with musician Joe Syverson of Floored Faces – Part 1

Today we are talking to Joe Syverson, a seasoned musician from bands such as Throw me the Statue, The Final Spins and his solo act Joseph Giant. Joe is currently fronting a new band, Floored Faces with brand new album out called ‘Escapism Prism.’ Joe is also the owner of his own construction company Viking Construction. He is a family man, married with four kids. We wanted to chat with him about his musician life and his new album! You can buy and listen to his album here

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On part one, we learn about his musical influences, how Floored Faces came to be and and how it feels to perform on stage. We end this episode with Till Beds, a song from the new album Escapism Prism.

Thanks for much for listening! Stay tuned for Part 2 – next week’s episode where we learn a lot more about Joe.


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