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Conversations with NYU Certified Executive and Life Coach Regan Walsh

Life Coach Regan Walsh

On today’s episode, we talk with Regan Walsh, a NYU-certified executive and life coach who focuses on helping women who are over-programmed and underwhelmed, reclaim their lives, both personally and professionally. Regan has coached hundreds of women through her one-on-one and group coaching programs, and she is regularly asked to give keynotes and facilitate workshops for fortune 500 companies, including Nike, QuickBooks, and Nationwide to audiences ranging from 50-500. 

Regan contributes to Harvard Business Review and Forbes, and has been featured in, FastCompany, and Columbus CEO. She is located in Columbus, Ohio and coaches women from all over the world.

On this episode we learn Regan’s story and how she pivoted to life coaching.  She reflects on her feelings that came up around starting a business and leaving the security of what some would call a “dream job.” Her business has flourished and now she was worked with thousands of people. We are fortunate to learn from Regan as she divulges the common themes she sees women do (hint: we don’t prioritize ourselves) and also what we humans do to hold ourselves back. This became a very relatable and powerful conversation that you all need to hear.  

Go check out Regan’s website and sign up for her email list and follow her on Instagram @reganwalsh_lifecoach

There are some really good nuggets of advice in here. We laughed, we cried. Come check it out!This episode was a very special episode for Meltdown City. We can’t want for you to listen! 


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