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Atomic Habits

On today’s episode, we are back in the studio with our new equipment. Hooray! And we have a new patreon account! We discuss our #meltdownmoments… and how Ali is feeling with her job uncertainty. Hint: she is feeling a little down about it.

This episode, we discuss James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits – An Easy Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones.” Did you know Steve Martin worked on perfecting his craft for 10 years before he got any good gigs and Jerry Seinfeld has a habit of writing jokes daily? Tiny, atomic sized habits can have a compound effect in areas of our life yet often we don’t see the effect for a while. Often people give up before they can appreciate the strides they are gaining. Persistence is key to building a habit, in particular it is about showing up when you aren’t feeling it but you do it anyway.

To create good habit, here are James Clear’s 4 Laws:

  1. Make it Obvious
  2. Make it Attractive
  3. Make it Easy
  4. Make it Satisfying

To break a bad habit basically, it is the inverse of the 4 Laws above:

  1. Make it Invisible
  2. Make it Unattractive
  3. Make it Difficult
  4. Make it Unsatisfying

Are you trying to create a new habit in your life? Or is there something you are trying to stop doing? Let us know! To download James Clear’s Habit Cheat Sheet click here.


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