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Welcome to the Found Down Podcast

This is a weekly show full of untold nursing stories that are sometimes hilarious, absurd, macabre or anything in between.

In this height of the Covid 19 pandemic, the most stressful time any nurse has lived through, it is important to offer an outlet and a space for us. It is time to offer a mental vacation so you can laugh or cry or laugh cry… whatever suits you. This is geared for medical professionals and so there will be a lot of medical jargon but for the tourists who jump on board, we’ll try to use laymen’s terms at times.

Oh and we nurses swear like sailors so this is not kid safe either.

I hope you enjoy the show and honestly, this is supposed to be pure entertainment.  You know everyone loves a good nursing story, so buckle up! And I hope you get a good belly laugh!

Podcast coming mid-June 2020.


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