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Hello! We are Nicole and Ali, the hosts of the Meltdown City Podcast!

On our show, we demystify the complexities of life through honest storytelling, embracing challenges with laughter and humility. 💫☄️

  We interview people doing creative endeavors and hope to inspire ourselves and each other - a little inspiration circle!

 Come Listen!

Nicole and Ali

Nicole Johnson
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Nic and Ali  - podcasting day!

Our backgrounds

Nicole, a nurse for the last ten years, has recently made some career changes to try something more creative.  She is married and a mother to a dog, Rufus and two cats, Francis and Riley.

Ali, also in healthcare, has just finished her MBA, has recently had a big role transition to a different company and is a married, mother of three trying her hand at some creative pursuits.

Nicole and Ali have been friends since the 6th grade, and in the last few months have been talking off-line about career changes and big dreams, but have taken their conversations "ON-Air" to the podcast studio, for everyone to hear, good or bad.

Our mission

We want to inspire you to change things up and listen to your inner voice, and do the thing you know you WANT to do.

We say, lean into your mid-life crisis and MELT DOWN. Join us!

"Very natural, comfortable, engaged, accessible, honest, genuine and candid. "

Seattle, WA listener

What to expect from the Meltdown City Podcast!


  • Publishes at 9am Pacific Time every Monday
  • Segments include
    • Interviews
    • Our stories and real life talk about our journey
    • Practical examples about how to get on your own path
  • Available in all places where podcasts can be found

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