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Have you ever felt stuck or wondered what is next? Well, we have, too!

If the answer is yes, then come check out this podcast! This a journey with Nicole & Ali, friends who chat and laugh about life, getting unstuck and their occasional #meltdownmoment! 💫☄️

As life long friends, now in their 40s, Nicole & Ali ponder the next stage in their careers and everything else. Do you??  They  discuss topics on how to find your path, interview guests who offer inspiration and creativity and the hilarity of misadventures!

Come listen & meltdown with us!

Latest Podcast Episodes

Atomic Habits

February 17, 2020

How to Handle Self Doubt

February 4, 2020

New Decade New You

January 22, 2020

"I feel like I just read your diary. I can't wait to listen to your next episodes!"

Martha O
Seattle, WA

What is this podcast all about?

Nicole and Ali have been friends for a really long time, since middle school.  Now, they are in their early 40s and are restless about where they are going in life.  They have taken their private conversations to the AIR in hopes to connect, get inspired and LAUGH!

If YOU have been feeling restless, stuck or uninspired, this podcast is for YOU!

And, we can relate!  Come Meltdown with us on the Meltdown City Podcast!